Alex Pereira Exercise Routine And Eating regimen Plan


Alex Pereira Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Alex Pereira Exercise Routine and Eating regimen Plan: Alexsandro Pereira is an eminent Brazilian skilled combined martial artist.  He’s additionally a former kickboxer and presently competes within the Middleweight division within the UFC. The #1 Kickboxing participant has attained big glory for his video games and hanging taking part in method. 

Alex has been surrounded by round 493 Ok followers on his social media the place he posts updates, photos, and many others.  He has a loopy match and toned physique picture that anybody would change into a fan of. So, if you’re one amongst hundreds of his followers, do learn out the Alex Pereira exercise routine and Alex Pereira food regimen plan explicitly.

Alex Pereira Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Alex Pereira Exercise Routine and Eating regimen Plan

Alex Pereira Physique Stats

Physique Stats  Items 
Peak 1.94 m or 6 ft. 4 inches 
Weight 84 Kg 
Age 35 years 
Chest 42 inches 
Waist 31 inches
Biceps  17 inches 

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Alex Pereira Exercise Routine 

Everybody has seen the perfect taking part in method of Alex in Kickboxing and martial artwork. However to win the sport like a beast, Alex used to scrupulously prepare his physique and make it prepared for a troublesome recreation. So, why not take a look at the Alex Pereira exercise routine in-depth and know in regards to the laborious work he does? 

The kickboxing star Alex has obtained fame for looping punches, fabulous head actions, and devastating knees. Behind this nice ability and showcase, Alex Pereira exercise routine is among the main causes. He used to observe a inflexible exercise schedule to coach his physique to realize agility, energy, and suppleness.  He used to apply kickboxing, and carry out totally different exercises for longer durations. Alex used to place 2 to three hours in his exercises with out skipping them ever. 

For each fanatic of kickboxing and martial artwork, Alex Pereira have to be a dwelling inspiration and supreme. So, right here we’re sharing the Alex Pereira exercise routine with full particulars. What can be higher than this to begin yours? Let’s start: 

So, earlier than you stay up for the precise coaching session, let your physique be lively by performing a warm-up session of 20 minutes with workout routines like stretching, and many others.

Alex Pereira Workout Routine 

Alex Pereira Exercise Routine

Energy Exercises: 

Higher physique exercises: 

  • Battle ropes or heavy ropes – 

Alex performs this train to enhance higher physique energy and conditioning. 


  • Chair Dips or Bench Dips – 

These exercises primarily give attention to the triceps and supply stamina.  


Alex practiced this exercise as it really works on the muscle groups within the shoulders & higher again. Additionally, it lays essential emphasis on the higher trapezius muscle groups. 


  • Hand Gripper Train – 

This train helps to achieve nice hand-gripping energy and energy. 


Decrease physique exercises

This exercise helps in constructing the again and shoulder muscle groups and gives energy. 


  • Single-leg push-ups – 

This push-ups train primarily focuses on the leg steadiness and in addition assist to realize core energy.


  • Kneeling rear leg increase –

This exercises is extremely helpful for the glutes and hamstrings agility. 


A terrific exercise carried out by Alex for leg strengthening.   


Core Exercises: 

Core exercises achieved by kickboxer Alex assist him to boost his rotational or twisting powers. And this in flip improves grappling strategies, stronger kicks and punches. 

  • Indirect or facet crunches – 

This exercise is completed to enhance the core and facet muscle groups’ effectivity, flexibility, and energy. 


These push-ups are an effective way to counterpoint core and higher physique energy. 


  • Medication ball planks – 

Alex apply this exercise because the instability of the drugs ball helps in strengthening the general core energy. 


  • Seated Russian Twist – 

This exercise is a complicated core train helpful for martial arts conditioning, stability, and many others. 

That’s it! We have now written all the required stuff related to the Alex Pereira exercise routine that he frequently follows to keep up a toned physique picture. Being a kickboxer, he skilled his physique by following a set of assorted exercises. So, if you wish to be in the identical line and attain a match physique determine, then begin your day by day exercise coaching sincerely. 

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Alex Pereira Eating regimen Plan 

Alex Pereira food regimen plan contains wholesome meals gadgets which have carbs and protein in excessive proportion. He used to extremely give attention to his meal consumption and chooses meals that present an incredible portions of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and all essential vitamins. Ingesting a whole lot of water is a significant a part of his day by day routine.  Earlier he used to drink alcohol so much, however afterward seeing its dangerous impacts and well being deterioration, he give up taking alcoholic drinks.

Take a look at the excellent martial artist Alex Pereira exercise routine to see what he has inside his on a regular basis consuming habits.

Alex Pereira Diet Plan 

Alex Pereira Eating regimen Plan

Is Alex Pereira a Vegan? 

No, Alex Pereira follows a non-vegan food regimen.



  • Banana & blueberries smoothie 
  • Oatmeal
  • Blueberry French toast 



  • Canned tuna 
  • Farro
  • Spinach and kale salad 


  • Snacks 
  • Uncooked nuts and frozen grapes 
  • Chia seeds or flax seeds
  • Whey protein bars 



  • Barbequed Salmon
  • A bowl of brown rice 
  • Seared steak and rye Panzanella 

That is an finish to all the knowledge we assembled associated to the Alex Pereira food regimen plan. He has a really sturdy physique picture for which he chooses that each meal that he intakes should fulfill the important nutrient wants of the physique. He prefers to have extremely nutritious and contemporary meals. When you want to obtain a match physique determine like him, at all times give attention to a wholesome and clear food regimen in your day by day life. 

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