10 At-Dwelling Treatments For A Dry Scalp + Potential Causes


Earlier than diving into DIY scalp treatments, let’s chat about dry scalp 101. The standard traits of a dry scalp can embrace flaking, itching, tightness, and many others. 

“Dry scalp might be attributable to a number of various things,” board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, M.D., FAAD, tells mbg. As a rule, a dry scalp is attributable to minor triggers. What’s extra, you might be merely liable to it, simply as it’s possible you’ll naturally have dry pores and skin

These minor triggers are sometimes associated to merchandise used on the scalp or how typically you wash. “A dry scalp can develop in one in every of two methods—both from buildup or from harsh elements inflicting flaking,” licensed trichologist {and professional} stylist Shab Caspara tells mbg.

“When the flaking is from a dry scalp with no sebum or product buildup, it’s more than likely the results of harsh cleaning brokers in your shampoo and even excessively sizzling water within the bathe,” she explains. 

On the flip facet, “When the flaking is from an oily scalp, you might not be successfully shampooing your hair, but when that is not the case, even stress may cause overproduction of sebum and make your scalp act out,” she concludes. 

There are additionally two extra critical causes of dry scalp, together with: 







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