3 Frequent Pores and skin Care Myths That You Should not Imagine


Even the oiliest of pores and skin wants a moisturizer—the truth is, that extra sebum may be an indication that your pores and skin is, the truth is, dehydrated. That being stated, it is essential to choose a moisturizer designed in your pores and skin sort to keep away from congested pores or extra shine. The easy reply: Gels or gel lotions over heavy-duty moisturizers.

“Gels or gel lotions have the next water content material and are often oil-free and are rapidly absorbed into the pores and skin,” board-certified dermatologist Ramya Garlapati, M.D., beforehand informed mbg.

On the flip aspect, richer lotions usually come oil-based and can go away the pores and skin feeling a bit greasy–which is why they’re best for drier pores and skin as a substitute. A couple of hero components to search for in your oily pores and skin moisturizers embody:







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