3 Issues That May Be Damaging Your Collagen, From A Derm


“Publicity to air pollution can result in free radical injury, which may contribute to collagen breakdown and pores and skin modifications over time,” says Garshick. Granted, it may be fairly troublesome to fully keep away from pollution, particularly for metropolis dwellers. Nonetheless, you may mitigate these results by utilizing antioxidants each day: “Utilizing antioxidants will help to scale back the affect of air pollution on the pores and skin,” she provides. 

She significantly calls out vitamin C serums, which additionally play a major function in your pure collagen manufacturing. You see, vitamin C is an important a part of the collagen synthesis course of, serving to collagen cross-link and assist pores and skin firmness. And it does not simply stimulate collagen manufacturing; it stabilizes the collagen2 you have got, resulting in general wrinkle discount. Here is an inventory of the finest vitamin C serums in the marketplace, magnificence editor examined and accredited. 







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