A Full Information To Sort 2C Hair: Suggestions & Product Recs


This hair kind comes with large waves, however they by no means fairly kind into an S curl—no less than not persistently. “Regardless that 2c hair doesn’t fall into the ‘curly’ class on the hair kind chart, it may be handled equally to 3a hair, which is hair that has a unfastened, true curl,” Olivia explains. 

“Sort 2c hair has a powerful wave sample, and relying on the density of the hair, can look wherever from gentle waves to beachy waves, to near-true curls,” Olivia says. 

When you’ve got effective and skinny 2c hair, then you may even see waves beginning one to 2 inches from the basis, whereas the hair proper on the follicle will seem straight. Thick 2c hair, then again, might have extra elevate on the root provided that there’s extra hair in your head, Olivia explains. 

When categorizing your hair kind as 2c, you may discover it troublesome as sporadic S-shaped curls can definitely seem in your mane. You’ll wish to gauge your head as an entire, considering the overall wave form. In reality, these random curls could also be a useless giveaway of 2c hair—because it’s taking part in the sphere between wavy and curly. 







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