February 2023 Month-to-month Horoscope From The AstroTwins


Aquarius embodies the stress popularized by Esther Perel’s work round folks’s reconciling dueling drives for connection and autonomy. We’ll all be pulled to reconcile that paradox inside ourselves this month.

For this reason it’s at all times struck us as so astrologically incorrect for Valentine’s Day—at the very least in its conventional type—to fall throughout Aquarius season. Is it by some means karmic that people ought to have fun love throughout a time that we’re meant to deal with our individuality? Simply 4 brief days later, the Solar strikes into windswept and romantic Pisces. A teensy calendar nudge and this Hallmark vacation could be proper on model.

This month, V-Day will serve up a Sagittarius moon, making us all even extra adventurous and impartial. Decadent Sagittarius will fortunately inhale the chef’s tasting menu, sparing no expense. However that is extra an setting of laughter and enjoyable, not heavy sentiment or tear-jerker trappings. Should you’ve obtained the time and the dime to journey, a fast romantic getaway may very well be pretty underneath these globetrotting moonbeams.

Worry not: You’ll be able to nonetheless get sentimental. Venus is cozied up in shut conjunction with fantasy planet Neptune (their actual alignment is February 15), and each are in Pisces. That should compensate for the Sagittarius moon making all the pieces right into a crass, fifth-grade joke proper when somebody makes an earnest, heartfelt confession.

Different possibilities to have fun love this month? You might attempt the February 5 Leo full moon, when our hearts are open and affixed to our sleeves. Nevertheless, this full moon shall be in a tough T-square to the Aquarius Solar and destabilizing Uranus in Taurus. Drama has a robust risk of breaking out right now, particularly in case you’re not good at sharing energy or compromise. 

However hey, there are different issues in life (and February) moreover romance. The Leo full moon is a perfect second to place one in every of your skills on show or to interact in some much-needed enjoyable.

Does that sound frivolous? Suppose once more. Enjoyable truly triggers the neurotransmitter oxytocin (AKA the love hormone), which is proven to have main stress-reducing results that all of us sorely want. Given our worldwide pandemic PTSD, this looks as if a no brainer antidote to begin reclaiming the enjoyment and spontaneity that Leo and Aquarius each focus on. (Really useful studying/audiobook: The Enjoyable Behavior: How the Pursuit of Pleasure and Marvel Can Change Your Life by Michael Rucker.)

Should you actually need to give up to the symphony of your soul, you may additionally anticipate the February 20 Pisces new moon. That day, Cupid will restock his holster with recent arrows, and the world shall be in full Pisces receptivity—a lot better circumstances for togetherness.






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