How Bathe Sandwiching Will Rework Your Tough, Crepey Pores and skin


All “bathe sandwiching” entails is making use of physique oil earlier than and after the bathe—so that you’re primarily sandwiching your pores and skin between these wealthy, nourishing fatty acids. 

It is a tip I as soon as acquired from movie star esthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar: She considers it one in every of her favourite rituals to look after dry, wintry pores and skin. “This oil barrier prevents extreme water loss and helps with any irritation,” she notes. 

You see, scalding your pores and skin with sizzling water can render your complexion dry and ashy, because the steamy temperature can strip the dear pure oils out of your pores and skin. By massaging in a physique oil pre-rinse, your pores and skin can higher maintain on to moisture and maintain the water from drying it out.  

However that does not imply you’ll be able to forgo the post-shower lather: After you are completed, reapply that physique oil over barely damp pores and skin so you’ll be able to lure all that lingering water inside and nourish the pores and skin barrier. “You possibly can really feel and see the distinction in your pores and skin by doing this magical ritual,” Aguilar says. 







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