How To Work With The 12 months’s First Full Moon, From Astrologers


As the AstroTwins beforehand wrote for mbg, Most cancers itself is dominated by the moon, so a Most cancers full moon will certainly really feel further intense. To that finish, they are saying, it represents the waters of the womb, and so water rituals can be a becoming solution to embody this power. “Take a bubble tub, honor the ladies in your life, and most significantly, nurture your self,” they add.

And talking of bubble baths, you possibly can take it a step additional and use your tub to attach with the water ingredient and the moon even additional. “Join with lunar power by submerging your self in water, draw a therapeutic tub across the time of the total moon, and collect your favourite salts, crystals, and candles,” the twins recommend.

As you bathe, they advocate saying your full moon intentions aloud whilst you’re stress-free within the tub, and visualizing the total moon restoring each cell of your physique. And do not forget to make some moon water if that is one thing you are into!

Lastly, as one of many doubtlessly loneliest full moons of the yr, the twins be aware that January’s full moon, often known as the “Wolf Moon,” is a good time to “hang around with your personal ‘wolf pack’ and set free a collective howl.” (Full moon circle, anybody?)







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