Howlite Crystal: Properties, Advantages, How To Use It + Extra


Whereas howlite does have a knack for repelling and reflecting damaging power away, that does not imply it should not be cleansed and/or charged now and again (and much more usually for those who’ve been working with it lots).

Most strategies for cleaning and charging will work effectively for this crystal, although one to keep away from is submerging it in water. Howlite’s hardness can vary from 3.5 to six.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and it is usually not really useful to make use of water on stones with a hardness of 6 or much less.

Quinn tells mbg that she finds howlite is effectively cleansed below a full or new moon, in smoke, or in a salt bowl.

This is our full information to cleaning and charging crystals for extra steerage on methods to maintain your howlite clear.






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