Immediate Pot Brown Rice (Brief + Lengthy Grain!)


Making Immediate Pot Brown Rice is as simple as 1-2-3. All you want is and Immediate Pot, water, and brown rice and also you’re able to make a giant batch of rice. It seems good and fluffy each time.

Cooked brown rice in the Instant Pot.

Why Immediate Pot Brown Rice?

What number of occasions have you ever made brown rice on the range and it’s gone south? No want to fret about burnt or mushy rice once you make brown rice within the Immediate Pot!

Immediate Pot Brown Rice seems completely each time and there’s no cause to make a fuss about it. Listed here are all the explanations you need to solely make Immediate Pot brown rice sooner or later.

highlights for Immediate pot brown rice

  • You solely want two elements to make brown rice within the Immediate Pot: brown rice + water.
  • Brown rice within the Immediate Pot seems fluffy and excellent each time.
  • You may make a giant batch of brown rice within the Immediate Pot and it lasts a complete week. It’s nice for meal prep!

The best way to Make Immediate Pot Brown Rice

  1. Pour 1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of water into the Immediate Pot.
  2. Seal Immediate Pot > set to guide excessive strain > cook dinner for 20 minutes
  3. Pure launch strain for long-grain brown rice + fast launch for short-grain brown rice
  4. Take away the duvet from the Immediate Pot and fluff the rice with a fork.
Cooked short grain brown rice in a bowl.

Immediate Pot Brown Rice 101

Although making Immediate Pot brown rice is easy, there are some issues to look out for earlier than you put together your completely cooked Immediate Pot brown rice.

What Kind of Brown Rice Ought to I Use?

Relating to selecting what sort of brown rice to make use of you (usually) have two selections—> brief grain or lengthy grain brown rice. Although there are several types of every rice you may make each of them within the Immediate Pot.

Brief Grain Brown Rice vs. Lengthy Grain Brown Rice

Brief Grain Brown Rice – brief grain brown rice tends to be extra starchy than long-grain brown rice. It tends to finish up delicate, sticky, and fluffy. Cook dinner time for short-grain brown rice is 20 minutes however you fast launch the strain.

Lengthy Grain Brown Rice– lengthy grain brown rice is much less starchy then brief grain brown rice and finally ends up a bit drier than different rices. Cook dinner time for lengthy grain brown rice is 20 minutes however you have to let the strain pure launch for 10 minutes.

What’s the Finest Water to Rice Ratio

The ratio of water:rice is 1:1—> 1 cup water: 1 cup brown rice

The water:rice ratio is identical for any kind of rice! The identical goes for brown rice. Be A easy 1:1 ratio will go away you with completely cooked rice.

Remember to use the very same container to measure the rice and the water. This may make sure that you’ll find yourself with similar precise quantity of every.

Pouring rice into the Instant Pot.

Pure Launch vs. Fast Launch

Relating to the Immediate Pot, the query of the way to launch strain from the Immediate Pot lingers in everybody’s thoughts. For this brown rice recipe, you naturally launch for one kind of rice, and fast launch for the opposite.

Pure launch– You naturally launch the long-grain brown rice to permit the strain to come back down slowly and to present the rice a bit of extra time to take in the liquid.

Fast release- You wish to fast launch the strain from the short-grain brown rice as a result of it avoids making the rice mushy. As a result of brown rice is a little more starchy, it has the next likelihood of changing into mush.

Pouring water into the Instant Pot with the brown rice.

Immediate Pot Brown Rice Qs

Do I’ve to rinse my rice earlier than cooking it?

Sure, it is rather necessary that you simply rinse rice earlier than cooking it. You’re rinsing off any filth and it helps to stop the rice from being sticky after you cook dinner it.

Why is my rice mushy?

In case your rice remains to be mushy, you almost certainly added an excessive amount of water or let the Immediate Pot pure launch too lengthy. Sadly, there isn’t any approach to repair mushy rice. We advocate making a porridge with the leftovers!

Why is my rice nonetheless crunchy?

In case your rice remains to be crunchy, there was not sufficient water added or the strain was not launched accurately from the Immediate Pot. Sadly, there isn’t a manner to make sure you received’t get the burn discover in case you attempt to proceed to cook dinner the rice.

To make use of crunchy rice, add it to a soup or cook dinner in a bit of oil and water on the stovetop in a skillet.

How do I retailer Immediate Pot brown rice?

To retailer Immediate Pot brown rice, you wish to take away the rice from the Immediate Pot and let it cool utterly earlier than placing it in an air-tight storage container. Brown rice can last as long as 7 days within the fridge.

Can I freeze Immediate Pot brown rice?

Sure, you may freeze Immediate Pot brown rice. Freezing brown rice is an effective way to have cooked rice readily available always.

To freeze Immediate Pot brown rice, let the rice cool utterly after which place it in a freezer-safe bag and place it within the freezer for as much as 3 months.

What sort of recipes do I make with Immediate Pot Brown Rice?

You should utilize this Immediate Pot brown rice as a aspect for any meal, incorporate it into fried rice, and even make a easy rice pudding. The choices are infinite. Listed here are some enjoyable meal concepts for brown rice.
Vegetarian Fried Rice – skip cooking the rice on this recipe and simply use this brown rice!
Fiesta Salmon Rice Bowls– change the white rice on this recipe with this brown rice.
Vegetarian Brown Rice Bowls– this recipe makes use of brown rice!

Fluffy rice in an Instant Pot.


  • 1 cup lengthy grain brown rice or brief grain brown rice
  • 1 cup water or broth


  • Add the brown rice to a fantastic sieve and rinse beneath chilly water till the water runs clear.

  • Add the rice and water to the Immediate Pot and stir the rice and water collectively. Make certain that all of the rice is roofed in water. 

  • Cowl and seal the Immediate Pot’s strain valve. 

  • Set the Immediate Pot to excessive strain and cook dinner for 20 minutes.

  • To launch the strain, for lengthy grain brown rice naturally launch the strain for 10 minutes after which launch any left over strain from the Immediate Pot. For brief grain brown rice, fast launch the strain. 

  • Fluff the rice and serve!

Vitamin info

Energy: 160kcal Carbohydrates: 36g Protein: 3g Fats: 1g Fiber: 0g Sugar: 0g






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