Rasa (Parada) Formulations: Preparations of Mercury


Parada is a very powerful amongst Rasa substances. However Parada isn’t therapeutically utilized in its pure kind. Rasa formulations are ready from Shuddha Parada, Samskarita Parada or Hingulottha Parada (Parada extracted from Hingula). So as to add the therapeutic qualities to Parada, it’s processed with totally different substances. Based mostly on procedures, processing of Parada is of 4 varieties.

1.  Khaaleeya formulations – ready by triturating in a Khalwa
2.  Parpati formulations
3.  Kupipakwa formulations
4.  Bhasma formulations.

Amongst these 4 procedures, the Kharaleeya process is the essential one.


Kharaleeya Yogas

Right here all of the processing of Parada is completed with the assistance of Khalwa Yantra. It’s the primary process to different processing methods.  Right here, Shuddha Parada or Parada Bhasma is triturated with herbs / Rasa substances.

Eg: Kajjali, Mugdha rasa,
Arogyavardhini Vati – Used within the remedy of liver problems, fever and pores and skin illnesses
Ramabana Rasa – Used within the remedy of rheumatoid arthritis, viral fever, bronchial asthma and so on.


Parada is triturated with Gandhaka with out including any liquids until the time the mass beneficial properties the feel of collyrium – smooth, with none luxture. This product is named Kajjali.

In response to Rasatarangini –

अर्धसमानद्विगुणमिताद्या गन्धकचूर्णात् पारदकस्य ।
मर्दनजन्या मसृणकाया कज्जलरूपा कज्जलिका सा ॥ (र.त.६/१०)
ardhasamānadviguṇamitādyā gandhakacūrṇāt pāradakasya |
mardanajanyā masṛṇakāyā kajjalarūpā kajjalikā sā || (ra.ta.6/10)

Triturating purified mercury with half, equal or double amount of sulphur turns into smooth and black like collyrium. This is named kajjali and that is used as a base within the preparation of various mercurial formulations.


Kajjali is melted and poured over a leaf of Banana or Palasha, stored over cow dung cake and pressed with one other plate to get a skinny cake like formulation, referred to as Parpati.
Parpati can be ready with many different components and used for various well being complaints.

Eg: Rasaparpati – Used within the remedy of IBS, malabsorption syndrome, diarrhea and so on.
Bolaparpati – Used within the remedy of menorrhagea, metrorrhagea and different bleeding problems.
Panchamruta parpati – Used within the remedy of hemorrhoids, malabsorption syndrome, anorexia and so on.


Kajjali and different substances are triturated with Kumari Swarasa to get a bolus. It’s given the form of a betel nut, wrapped with silk fabric. And 1 Tola Shuddha Gandhaka.  This mass is taken in a pot and subjected to intense warmth to get Pottali.

Eg: Rasagarbha Pottali
Hemagarbha Pottali Ras – Used within the remedy of power bronchitis, bronchial asthma, IBS and so on.
Ratna Garbha Pottali Ras – Tuberculosis, cough, bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and so on.






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