The 9 Enneagram Sorts: Full Descriptions, With Wings


The Enneagram wings are the 2 numbers on both aspect of 1 sort, and many individuals will show a singular mixture of their dominant sort with features of one of many wings extra so than the opposite.

As Nguyen tells mindbodygreen, “For those who determine as a Sort One, your wings could be 9 or Two, so it might be a 1w9 or 1w2, and this influences the way in which you view the world and extrovert your vitality.” Sticking with that instance, she provides that for those who’re a Sort One who leans towards your 9 wing, you are more likely to prioritize concord, whereas for those who lean towards the Two wing, you are more likely to channel your want to enhance the world on to different individuals.

Understanding your wings is essential, Nguyen provides, as a result of “it affords texture to numbers and presents additional language so that you can look at your behaviors have better nuance, which provides you an alternative for development and multidimensional understanding.”

To seek out your wing, you’d take an Enneagram evaluation and look to see which wing on both aspect of your dominant sort has the upper rating. That quantity is your wing.

Here is a full explainer on Enneagram wings for extra info.







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