This Half-Time Job Pays You to Sleep and Put on Pajamas to Work


Did you hear the one in regards to the firm keen to pay you to sleep?

No, actually. There’s an organization that desires to pay individuals to sleep on their mattresses.

Casper, a New York-based mattress firm since 2014, desires to pay “Casper Sleepers” to sleep for a residing — each of their shops and in “sudden settings out on the planet.”

This isn’t a sleep examine — no psychoanalysis or sleep deprivation right here. You’re actually simply getting paid to sleep.

Casper says their dream candidate is an distinctive sleeper who desires to sleep as a lot as potential, can sleep via something, and isn’t afraid to be on digital camera and speak about their experiences in movies for social media channels.

This snoozing specialist place is part-time. (Facet hustle anybody?) Casper says you’ll obtain free swag and you may work in your PJs, too.

To qualify, you’ll must be a minimum of 18 and ideally reside within the New York space, although being a New Yorker isn’t required.

Fill out the applying by Aug. 11 and share an elective video on TikTok with the hashtag #CasperSleepers.

Now, who’s prepared for a — paid — nap?

Robert Bruce is a senior author for The Penny Hoarder.






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