What Is Pure Toothpaste? + My Go-To For Cleaner, Whiter Enamel


As talked about, I am not precisely new to the world of natural-leaning toothpaste manufacturers. I’ve realized that personally, I’d reasonably brush with a contemporary minty taste than a posh lemon, zingy anise, or floral lavender style. What’s extra, I’m not keen to compromise on an excellent clear or noticeable whitening energy—even when meaning publicity to much less savory components. 

After utilizing and not loving numerous choices, I attempted the Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste, and I shortly turned obsessed. It really works even higher than standard pastes I used to be utilizing beforehand—not simply to whiten my tooth, but in addition to depart them feeling freshly polished day in and time out. 

Relatively than fluoride, Wellnesse calls upon hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral that works wonders to polish the tooth and strengthen enamel. It pair this lively ingredient with neem oil, which reduces the deposition of plaque and enhances the immune response within the mouth. Plus, the formulation even depends on inexperienced tea extract to assist battle dangerous micro organism. 

Altogether, the mix is a supercharged good-for-you paste that truly works. Plus, they also have a pure strawberry taste for many who desire one thing aside from mint (good for the kiddos). 






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