How To Spot Self-Damaging Behaviors + How To Cease It


The foundation causes of self-destructive conduct can fluctuate from individual to individual, in response to licensed drug and alcohol counselor Candace Kotkin-De Carvalho LSW, LCADC, CCS, CCTP. A few of the most typical causes embody an absence of optimistic coping expertise, unresolved points from childhood or adolescence, and poor psychological well being.

Lorz describes self-destructive behaviors as being the product of both misguided makes an attempt at self-protection or moments of dissociation. They’re usually formed by beliefs you’ve got about your self, what you deserve, and the way you’ve got taken within the messages of the world and people round you, she says, making them primarily a response to private circumstances which have had a traumatic impression on you. They could have even labored (otherwise you believed that they’ve labored) prior to now to guard you from feeling confused, overwhelmed, harm, exhausted, scared, or in peril, she provides, however finally these coping mechanisms are actually inflicting extra hurt than safety. 

Osibodu-Onyali provides that when folks have skilled a number of unfavourable occasions and even traumas, it modifications the way in which they view themselves, others, and the world. “They start to anticipate dangerous issues to occur, and when good issues come their means, they introduce self-destructive behaviors in order that issues return to the unfavourable sample they’re used to. It isn’t that they take pleasure in negativity; it is simply that it is acquainted,” she says.

Moreover, self-destructive behaviors may be signs of many psychological well being points, in response to Manly. For instance, an individual who’s affected by despair might interact in self-protective behaviors, like not going to work because of an absence of power or to keep away from stress, which might be finally self-destructive. Those that endure from substance use problems might resort to self-destructive behaviors, together with stealing to take care of the habit or driving whereas below the affect, with little or no capacity to genuinely respect the long-term impression; the cumulative results of those behaviors are sometimes tragic.  

“Quite a lot of psychological well being problems comparable to BPD usually depart the sufferer caught in a cycle of self-destructive behaviors that depart the person feeling indignant, remoted, and misunderstood,” she provides.






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