Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine going to plan for Moscow? | Russia-Ukraine conflict Information


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From: Inside Story

Russian forces are reported to be combating poor logistics and low morale, whereas going through sturdy resistance.

It’s been practically two weeks since Russia’s president launched an invasion of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin promised to demilitarise and ‘de-nazify’ the nation, and shield civilians he says have been abused by Ukraine’s authorities.

Russian forces have taken town of Kherson, and are attempting to encircle the capital Kyiv.

However they’re reported to be affected by poor logistics and low morale, whereas going through sturdy resistance from Ukrainian troopers.

So, how far will Vladimir Putin go to succeed in his targets?

And the way far will the West be ready to go in supporting Ukraine militarily?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Pavel Felgenhauer – Defence and army analyst

Samuel Ramani – Affiliate fellow, Royal United Companies Institute for Defence and Safety Research (RUSI).

Baptiste Robert – Chief government officer, Predicta Lab, an organisation targeted on preventing disinformation.






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