Mascara Cocktailing: How To + Suggestions, From A Make-up Artist


Now, do not simply layer any ol’ mascara and anticipate sky-high lashes. Mascara cocktailing requires a little bit of a studying curve, as not all merchandise pair effectively collectively. For instance, “I like to use waterproof mascara over common mascara once I’m doing crimson carpet or bridal make-up as a result of it helps with put on time, however making use of waterproof mascara underneath common mascara could make the lashes brittle and stiff,” explains Patinkin. (FYI: Layering common mascara beneath a water-proof formulation additionally makes removing a breeze on the finish of the day.)

“I additionally do not advocate making an attempt to cocktail with tubing mascara since it will seemingly make your lashes look clumpy, and it will be tougher to scrub off on the finish of the day,” she continues. Tubing mascaras, for those who’re unfamiliar, create teeny polymer “tubes” round every particular person lash to encourage separation and forestall smudging.

By way of one of the best mascara “cocktails” to strive, Patinkin recommends searching for out two formulation with the identical base ingredient; that manner, you already know they’re going to play good collectively. For instance, Tower28’s MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara and MOB Magnificence’s Volumizing Mascara each comprise a base of carnauba wax, but every comes with its personal distinctive perks: Tower28’s formulation has Aquaflex Know-how that memorizes the pure bend of your strands and holds their form, whereas MOB Magnificence’s brush is designed to extend quantity by 30%. Layer one on high of the opposite, and voilà: fluffy, curly, conditioned lashes with only a few coats. It is Patinkin’s private favourite pairing: “Once you put them collectively, it is a house run,” she affirms.






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